April 26, 2022

Big Hopes and Dreams - First Group of Children and Families Enrolled

Caregivers share their hopes and dreams for their child

Big Hopes and Dreams

We are honored to have enrolled our first group of children and families in our program in recent weeks. Thanks to the efforts of our program team and our community partners, Mountain Home Montana, Lowell Elementary School, and Partnership for Children, we had an incredibly smooth enrollment process. We are incredibly grateful for everyone’s support, because it means that we are serving children sooner than expected.

One of the first questions we ask caregivers when we first meet them is what their hopes and dreams for their child are. We are so inspired by their vision for their children’s lives that we wanted to share some of these beautiful thoughts with you.

“Be successful, independent, and outgoing. Inspired to do new things. Keep imagination going. Read more. To have the right encouragement and support. To be everything I wasn’t able to do.”

“To always be able to talk to mom about concerns, sadness, and fears. I want her to be who she wants to be.”

“To continue to be talkative and outgoing. To increase his awareness of stranger danger. To be safe.”

“I would love for her to have confidence and know her self-worth. To have positive role models. To be able to say what she feels and have a positive, happy life.”

“To regulate his emotions enough to be successful in group settings and be able to participate in what’s going on around him.”

“To see her succeed in school and see her build her confidence in herself.”

“Emotional, spiritual, and physical stability. To have a permanent tether to mom and know I’m always here for her. To acquire and maintain stability. To increase self-esteem through interests and hobbies.”

As our Friends go into the community to meet families and hear about their goals for their children, we are inspired again and again by the love caregivers have for their children. It’s so powerful. These children are going to do amazing things and we are so excited to be a part of their journey.