Ben Davis

Executive Director

Ben Davis is honored to serve as executive director of Friends of the Children in Montana’s Western Region and to impact children and families in our communities with Friends’ proven professional mentoring model.

Prior to launching Friends of the Children in Montana, Davis co-founded and served as chief research officer of a groundbreaking research and data analytics company, Kharon. Davis previously worked as a district attorney in Denver, Colorado for a number of years prosecuting family violence and child abuse cases. It was during this period when he became deeply involved in volunteering his time to mentor children and work on social equity issues impacting youth and their families.

Earlier in his career, Ben served as an advisor in the U.S. Department of the Treasury Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence and represented the Department of the Treasury as an attache in the Middle East. He previously worked with families of the September 11 attacks in a historic civil terrorism lawsuit against the funders of al Qaida. He has also directed numerous federal political campaigns where he oversaw all aspects of the campaign’s operations, fundraising, grassroots organizing, and media strategy.

He and his wife are the proud parents of 4 children, ages 2-11. They love to have as much fun in the world together as possible hiking, camping, cooking, and skiing.

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